backing up your website

An important part of keeping your website "healthy" is to regularly backup the site. BLUEwebs recommends backing up a site every time the back end is opened and then backing it up again just before you close the back end. To facilitate this process, BLUEwebs uses Akeeba Backup Opens link in new window, a free application, which allows for single button click backups. It is a program added to all BLUEwebs' client's CMS websites. The following instructions list those steps.

These instructions apply only to CMS based sites.

BLUEwebs recommends that the literature available Opens link in new window  from Akeeba is reviewed. While complex and not fun to read, it is thorough. This is particularly true if the Akeeba backup is used to restore the site. Additioonally, Akeeba offers a paid program that included additional feetures and functionality. (Note: This link opens documentation for Akeeba version 3.6.5).

  1. Enter the back end which opens the Administration window.
  2. In the horizontal menu under "Administration" scroll over "Components". A drop down menu will appear. Click on "Akeeba Backup" in the drop down menu.
    Akeeba Backup Control Panel - Opens in pop up window.
  3. The "Akeeba Backup :: Control Panel" window will open. Look for the "Backup Now" button; click it.
    Akeeba Control Panel - Opens in pop up window.
  4. The "Backup Now" window will open. If you want to make a comment about this backup, enter details in the "Backup comment" box. This is not necessary, I use this to identify why I've taken this backup. For example, when recently updating the extensions and core, I took backups before each update – in case the update failed and broke the site, there would be a copy to easily restore the site. When finished, I backed up the site before logging out.
    Backup Now! window - Opens pop up window
  5. Click "Backup Now!" button and wait until you are notified the backup is complete. The time it takes to complete a backup is dependent on the size of the site. Be patient.
  6. If all goes well you'll see a "Backup Completed Successfully" notice. If not, there will be a notice on what went wrong; make a note and give me a call or drop me an email with the failure notice. Click "Administer Backup Files" button. This opens the "Akeeba Backup: Administer Backup Files" page.
    Akeeba Backup Successful - Opens in pop up window.
    Do not close or navigate away from that browser window while the backup is proceeding or the backup will fail.
  7. Review the backup files listed, noting the date and time of the most current file. Any obsolete backup files may be deleted. To navigate to other Joomla areas, click the "Control Panel" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will take you back to the "Akeeba Control Panel". Once back at "Akeeba Control Panel" you can navigate to other areas of the website.
    List of all backup files - Opens in pop up window.
  8. You are done. Easy.