Registered data showing on public pages

The Problem: All of the sudden, the public could edit articles in seclected areas and view modules and content that was set to "registered".

The Event: I was setting the permissions for the Client Only area of this website. To do so, I needed to set the permissions for the group listed as Clents. All worked well until I started "fine tuning" the permissions; I wanted them to be able to edit and add information to their respective areas. Somewhere in this process I made a change that allowed for the public to not only view the content reserved for clients but also to add articles to that area.

After about an hour of headbanging, I discovered the solution.

The Solution:

I made one "small" change because I did not know what it meant. In the User Manager -> Options -> Users Configuration -> Component, I changed the "Guest User Group" from "Public" to "Clients". That single change granted permission to the general public to add articles and to view content reserved for clients only.

The Lesson(s):

  • Don't change permissions - unless you really need to.
  • DO NOT change the permissions in Joomla 2.5 unless you throughly understand what the effect will be.
  • Keep a written log of any permissions changes you make and in the order you make them.
  • I should follow my own advice.