"Read More" link - What is it and how to create one

First, what is a "Read More" link? Simply it is a "break" in an article's content so that a shortened version of the article can be displayed on a multiple article, blog layout. This keeps the length of the blog page down, but gives access to the full article via the "Read More" link. The advantage of the "Read More" function is that it doesn't tax the attention span of a site visitor, gives them enough information to "tease" them into wanting to read more, but enough to help them quickly decide if that is what they are looking for. Another advantage is that it offers the opportunity to have a lot of information on a single page without the page being breathtakingly long.

How to create a "Page Break":

First, create the entire article. Don't worry about where to break it at this point.

Once it's created, look for a logical place to insert a break. It can be anywhere, the middle of a sentence, the end, at the end of a paragraph, where ever. One school of thought is to break an article so that it "teases" the reader to want to read more.

Once you've selected where the break will occur, click there. Using the JCE text editor, notice the button below the Article Text window. Click it. A colored bar will be inserted at that point.

The result is that everything above the line will be shown on the "blog" page. If the link that this colored bar creates is clicked it will take the viewer to a new page with the full article.