servicesBLUEwebs offers a variety of services designed to meet your internet needs; all designed to turn your website vision into reality. Our services are offered "a-la-cart", which provides the most flexibility and most economical solution for our clients. This is one reason to consider BLUEwebs as your internet professional. Others are:

  • Unflagging customer support
  • Attention to detail
  • Standards compliant coding
  • Value added expertise
  • On-call service
  • Enhanced internet security
  • Commitment
  • Design with an eye on the future

These standards are applied to every BLUEwebs project, regardless of scope.

Website Design

site-design-reflectionWebsite Design is the most comprehensive of the services offered by BLUEwebs - from concept to live site. Whether starting from scratch or completely rebuilding an existing, out-of-date site, this service typically includes everything from custom template design or commercial template integration to launching the finished site, complete with site hosting, email set-up and hosting, securing and purchasing a URL and maintenance and updating. 


Website Redesign

Website Redesign imageWebsite Redesign is the re-writing or re-styling of an existing website. Depending on the age of the site, it may include both - the code to meet current best practices and W3C standards. If the original code is "semantically correct", it may be as simple as styling a new look.

Redesign begins with a comprehensive review of the existing structure and the look and feel of the site of the website in the context of what the site owner wants. BLUEwebs will provide a Project Proposal outlining our recommendations.


Template Design

Template Design iconTemplate Design is the construction of a semantically correct HTML/XHTML structure and CSS styling. This service could be developing a custom template no one else has for your unique brand or adapting a commercial template to your specific needs.The process of designing and building a custom template or adapting an existing one follows the same initial processes as Website Design: Concept to Design.


Graphics Design

Graphics Design IconGraphics Design is the design and creation of graphics for a website or an Internet environment. This can range from large header or background images to the small site icons used throughout a website, like the small arrow by the "Read More..." links. Internet related media can include more than just a photo on a web page; it can include other media, such as  projection, handheld devices, print and video. All of which are optimized differently because of their relative sizes. Graphics Design also includes the creation of site favicons and QR Code images.

Instruction and Tutorials

Instruction Services imageBLUEwebs offers general Internet, image editing, coding, website and Joomla content management system instruction. All instruction is at your preferred computer and can be scheduled around your schedule.


Site Optimization (SEO)

seo-reflectionsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of including information on a site, in the site's content, within the HTML and other areas of a website to favorably influence how it is received by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo - increasing the ranking of the site. BLUEwebs uses SEO criteria in every site it builds.

For existing site, BLUEwebs will review an existing website with an eye for improving the site's ranking in searches. This review can be basic or detailed. A basic review covers those aspects of a website that can be rather easily addressed, such as content, proper HTML tags and attributes, meta descriptions and keyword listings, etc. A detailed analysis expands the basic review to include the review of specific metrics used by the search engines to rank a site, such as keyword analysis, back links counts, content as it relates to page specific keywords, use of social media and more.


Site Maintenance

maintenance-reflectionsWebsite Maintenance and Updating is an often overlooked, but important aspect of having a website. Websites are an investment and an important asset of your company or organization. Think of maintenance as insurance protection for that investment. In large measure, the frequency and amount of maintenance depend on whether a website is built on a static or dynamic framework.

Maintenance can be as simple as periodically reviewing a site for currency and accuracy of information and removing old, unneeded files to a more regularly defined schedule of backups and updating and review. 


Client's Only

members-only-reflectionsBLUEwebs offers our client's an area where client solutions are available as a reference. Included in the Client's Only Area are not only solutions to specific problems but general suggestions and tutorials related to their websites. Our belief is that these are specific answers to specific problems developed for our clients; consequently, they are only available to our clients. Access to this areas is restricted.

BLUEwebs offers additional public solutions to Internet, Joomla, CSS and other broad topics. If you can't find the answer you want here, check out Solutions.

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