This "note" is actually an article, because each item on the Services page is an individual article using the "Read more..." feature of the website. Unlike the items on the Process and Why Choose BLUEwebs pages, which are simply hidden content on their respective pages, the items on the Services page exist as individual articles. The "Read more..." link links to that individual article. Click on the three links to see the different layouts and their functionalities.

This is another example of how a website can be constructed. This is an example of a "blog layout" and could be used for just that purpose or, in this case, as a simple list of services available from BLUEwebs. The benefit of this type of layout is that each item is individually indexed by the search engines, so someone searching for "website design" would be directed to Website Design article/page and our site. Clicking on the Website Design link will show you how the page would look if you landed there from a search. The choice of which to use is based, in part, on what you want that page to do for you and how you want the search engines to "see" the information on it.