Site Maintenance

maintenance-reflectionsWebsite Maintenance and Updating is an often overlooked, but important aspect of having a website. Websites are an investment and an important asset of your company or organization. Think of maintenance as insurance protection for that investment. In large measure, the frequency and amount of maintenance depend on whether a website is built on a static or dynamic framework.

Maintenance can be as simple as periodically reviewing a site for currency and accuracy of information and removing old, unneeded files to a more regularly defined schedule of backups and updating and review. 


Updating is the other side of maintenance and can mean updating content, the adding of new information, photos, functionality and so forth. For a dynamic site, it also means updating the core applications and extensions.

Some of the items included in a more comprehensive maintenance program include:

  • Quarterly review of the website’s core program and extensions.
    This review includes comparison of the site versions against the latest versions of the core and extensions and upgrading those not current.
  • Backing up the site before and after changes are made.
  • Changing the usernames and passwords at least annually.
  • Periodically downloading the site files, database and backups to an off-site computer, at least annually.
  • Provide additional security levels as needed and/or recommended.
  • Maintaining a log of changes made.
  • Providing updated copies of the extensions to the site owner.
  • Add file comparison software (paid extension)

In either case, BLUEwebs is available to assist with your maintenance and updating needs. We also offer flexibility in the type of maintenance provided - periodic or regular, both designed to offer the most economical solutions to your needs. Contact us about how we can be of assistance.