BLUEwebs SolutionsBLUEwebs Solutions offers answers to questions about Joomla, the Internet, Email, HTML and CSS and other areas related to the Internet. This section of the BLUEwebs website is meant to provided quick answers, in most cases, to questions not otherwise easily found on the WWW. However, should an answer not be here, please take a minute to email us and we will try to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Abbreviations and acronyms underlined with red dashes are defined on the Definitions page and linked to that page. For your convenience, the term titles are linked back to the page from which you came.


  • Email solutions

    Email reflection imageThis category answers general questions about setting up and managing emails accounts, such as adding an email account to the email application on your computer and some of the codes needed.

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  • HTML/CSS solutions

    html-css-icon-reflectionThe HTML/CSS solutions category offers basic solutions to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Generally, these articles will make more sense to someone with some understanding of what they are. The novice may find this section challenging. If true and you want to learn more, a great place to start is with the W3C Schools Tutorials Opens website in a new window..

    There are two links for HTML and CSS: HTML and HTML5 and CSS and CSS3. Start with the HTML and CSS links.

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  • Joomla! solutions

    Joomla image iconJoomla solutions is generally about larger questions to Joomla which require lengthy explanations and a rather in-depth knowledge of Joomla, HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. They represent problems or needs that BLUEwebs has encountered and the solution we developed to solve that problem.

    If you have a problem not listed here, contact us and we'll do what we can to solve it. Perhaps others can benefit from the question and the solution.

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  • Joomla! tips - and tricks

    Joomla image iconJoomla Tips and Tricks are answers to "hard to find" questions, like "what is..." or "what does it do..." and easy solutions to ways to make Joomla work better for you.

    These solutions tend to be short explanations and easily implemented using Joomla's on-board commands.

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    • Joomla Plugins

      Plugin Icon Reflectiion imageInformation about plugins and what they are and how to make them work can be found in this category. Plugins are applications that integrate into Joomla that add specific functionality to some part of the core application.

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  • SEO Tips

    SEO Reflection imageSEO Tips offers information that will help improve a site's rankings by providing the search engine robots with information about the site's content and relevancy. These tips are build around the concept that the site has a central theme and that SEO information is provided to support that theme.

    Tips provided here are about things can be easily done to a website and its elements. they does not include information about keyword analysis, competitor or like sites analysis or other specifics related to an SEO site analysis. Nor is the information provided here meant in any way to "spoof" the search engines. Contact BLUEwebs about a detailed site analysis of your website.

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