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I have had four web pages built for me in the past ten years and the last one,, was built by Dan Blue of BLUEwebs. My company, Farms and Land Realty, and I own Farms and Land Realty and am extremely happy with this website:

Dan listened to my ideas of how I wanted my page to look and operate. He was then able to turn them into an eye catching but extremely functional and user friendly page. He also has a good understanding of SEO and was quick point out ways to increase my web traffic. When we were building my site Dan always had helpful suggestions, such as, if we do it this way your page will work better with hand held devices. Things I would not have thought of.

Because of website's complexity and custom template, I knew it wouldn't be inexpensive, but I am pleased with what I got for what I spent. Dan adds tremendous value to his work.End quotes

Steve Dana

Farms and Land Realty