Website Redesign

Website Redesign imageWebsite Redesign is the re-writing or re-styling of an existing website. Depending on the age of the site, it may include both - the code to meet current best practices and W3C standards. If the original code is "semantically correct", it may be as simple as styling a new look.

Redesign begins with a comprehensive review of the existing structure and the look and feel of the site of the website in the context of what the site owner wants. BLUEwebs will provide a Project Proposal outlining our recommendations.

An example of the simple redesign project is the NCAEE. To improve the readability of the site and make it feel less "crowded", the site was widened within the framework of the existing template. The difference is illustrated on the Portfolio page. The right side column was moved to the right and up the page and the content section (column) was widened. An additional minor change was made to move the Facebook button link to a more prominent location.

Image of BLUEwebs original website designAn example of a more extensive redesign project is this website. Originally a static site, but written to the latest standards, we wanted a new look and to migrate it to a content management system (CMS) format to ease adding content. The redesign of the new look meant relatively simple addition of the necessary XHTML and PHP code so that it would integrate into the CMS environment. Creating the new "pages" or articles for the site was a little more complicated because we wanted to reformat the articles to a the new site design. Had we not wanted to do this, it would have been a simple matter of adding the existing pages to the CMS. The image on the right is what the old site looked like before the "face lift".