groupBLUEwebs began as a "non-compensated, collateral duty". Dan Blue, owner of BLUEwebs, was asked by the company he was working for to build their website - because he was the most computer savvy person at the company. In other words, he knew how to turn a computer on.

What started as a website design project became an avocation developing into BLUEwebs. Originally self taught to complete that first assignment, he sharpened his skills with course work in the HTML, XHTML, CSS programming disciplines, "best practices", web standards and more.

He also quickly realized that integrating skills developed in his "first career" - project management, event planning and graphics design - powerfully enhanced his online work. Hence the birth of a "solutions" driven company rather than a mere website design company.

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Dan Blue
W3C Certified HTML Developer

  • BA North Carolina State University
Additional Education:
Professional Associations:
  • Web Developers Group
  • Joomla CMS Group
  • Official Joomla Group
  • CSS3/HTML5 Group
  • Joomla Organization
  • 16 years website design and development.

Graphics Design
  • Logos
  • Favicon
  • In-site navigation and other
  • Image editing
Website Standards:
  • Custom Design
  • Template Design
  • W3C Standards Compliance
  • Accessibility Compliance (WAI)
  • Forms Design (Client and Server)
  • Static/Dynamic/Hybrid Formats
  • Content Copyrighting
  • Google Analytics
Specific Coding Standards:
  • Personal Computers
  • Print
  • Handheld Devices
  • Text Readers (visually impaired)
  • Cross-browser compatibility