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Beginning as an avocation, BLUEwebs turned into a vocation for Dan Blue, owner of BLUEwebs when he realized he thoroughly loved the work.

BLUEwebs guiding principle is "Do unto others"; we treat others as we hope we will be treated. Our work is driven by balancing your economic constraints against your Internet vision, which brings us to:

Why Choose BLUEwebs

Listed below are some reasons why you should:

BLUEwebs list image Attention to Detail

This is one of our strongest assets. Miss-typing a comma for a period can crash a website. Some say we're obsessive/compulsive; the truth is we just like to get it right. For example, have you ever noticed the copyright date on a website is years old? BLUEwebs adds a small code snippet which automatically updates your copyright date each year.

BLUEwebs list image "Do-it-yourself" Solutions

If you want to save money by updating and adding to your own site, BLUEwebs offers websites designed to allow you or someone on your staff you designate to do just that, and to do it in a format you will be familiar with - a text editor similar to Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. This is how simple it can be: Sign into the site, click on the "Add an Article", which opens the editor, type your new information or upload a new image or both and publish. You're done. Saves time and money.

BLUEwebs list image Driven customer support

Client inquiries are answered within 24 hours, more often within hours. Client "emergencies" move to the top of our "To Do" list. BLUEwebs' "On-call" service is becoming a rarity in the industry.

While price is important, a cheaper product or service without customer service and support will ultimately be more expensive. Additionally, this is one of the measures we use when purchasing a product or service.

BLUEwebs list image Unvarnished answers

To the best of our professional ability and experience, our advice and solutions are tailored for your needs. While it might not be the answer you wanted, you can depend on it.

BLUEwebs list image Future Focus

All BLUEwebs' work considers what you expect for the future, attempts to anticipate technology changes that may impact your website and incorporates those expectations and anticipations into your website design. For example, if you hope to grow your website into a shopping cart we accommodate the desire in the current design. The result: overall lower cost.

BLUEwebs list image Master Website Disk

At the conclusion of a website build BLUEwebs will deliver a master disk which contains all the relevant files and documents related to your new website. The Master Disk includes:

  • A backup of your finished site - all files and folders, and database, if applicable.
  • Copies of all original and used images.
  • Files related to the hosting server and, if applicable, the database, passwords and other key information.

The Master Disk can be used to restore the site to its original condition.

Caution: Any changes made since the site was launched will be lost unless a more recent backup version exists. It is better to use Akeeba’s backup to reinstall the site to its last backup.

And, should anyone follow BLUEwebs' work, you and they have all of the working files used to build your site. The bottom line: less cost to you. You would be amazed how much time has been needed when we've been asked to take over a website built by another designer trying to find or recover information and images the client needs to move forward.

BLUEwebs list image Enhanced security techniques

Every site BLUEwebs builds incorporates additional security, particularly our CMS sites. Some of these measures include:

  • A Master Disk
  • Complex passwords and usernames
  • Directory Protection
  • Tracking software (CMS sites)
  • On-board security applications (CMS sites)
  • And more...

Additional security is available through a Site Maintenance agreement, which can be customized based on your unique needs and circumstances.

BLUEwebs list image Constant effort to find least cost alternatives

This is another example of BLUEwebs' "Do Unto Others" philosophy. In every possible case, we use or recommend free or least cost alternatives. Where a priced alternative seems warranted, we consider what we would do in the same circumstance and whether the cost justifies the benefits. Either way, we will present our recommendations to you before implementing them - after all, it's your money.

BLUEwebs list image Value added expertise

You don't go to a Doctor just to stitch up a wound; pretty much anyone can do that. What the Doctor brings to the table is experience, education and skill. This is the value that BLUEwebs offers - experience, education and skill.

BLUEwebs list image A Higher Standard

We build websites as if they were our own. We, also, take great pride in the work we do and like to show it off. Goes to our "Do Unto Others" philosophy.

We recently reviewed a beautiful Joomla site. For some reason, the developer failed to remove the branded Joomla favicons, so that whenever a visitor came to the site, instead of seeing a site branded to the owner, Joomla’s favicon was the identifying icon associated with the site or worse, whenever they bookmarked the site, Joomla's favicon is associated with the bookmark. It's your site; you've spent a lot of time, effort and money growing your presence to clutter it with someone else's branded icon. Attention to detail, product knowledge and experience are some of the higher standards applied to every BLUEwebs website.

BLUEwebs list image Professional advice and consultation

After evaluation of your need(s), we will provide our honest opinion on your web solution. This may include another vendor or perhaps even using a free web builder to build your website.

BLUEwebs offers a Free Initial Consult. We encourage you to complete our Project Planner before we meet. It should help you further define what you want from your website and help us prepare for that meeting.

Our Project Planner has been designed as a question and answer form. While only 3 fields are required, the more information included the better we can evaluate your needs and the more informed we will be for our first meeting. This won't be work wasted; a copy of your answers will be emailed to you. Even if you don't select BLUEwebs as your website builder, you can use it as the basis for any further discussions. Once received by BLUEwebs, we will call to schedule an appointment. It couldn't be easier.

BLUEwebs list image Cost-conscious evaluation

Based on your budget and Internet vision and after our initial consultation, BLUEwebs will develop and present the solution that best fits those requirements. Please understand that we occasionally find that there is a "disconnect" between the budget and vision. We will attempt to create a solution that best fits both goals. However, if the difference is too great, we will spend as much time as necessary to help you understand where that difference is and why. We believe that an educated client is better able to make informed decisions best suited to their needs.

BLUEwebs list image Implements current Internet "best practices"

BLUEwebs spends a lot of time keeping up with changing technologies, Internet standards, best practices not only because we enjoy it, but also because it allows us to provide the best solutions for our clients. One of those "win win" situations.

There are a number of questions which are always asked. Anticipating you will have them as well, several are answered below:

This is another example of a "slider function". While it is similar to that used on the Services page, it is a different program because of how it interacts with the page areas.

How much will a website cost?

Answer imageThis question is one of the first we're always asked. The equally short answer is "It depends." This is not an attempt to dodge the question; websites are a complex mixture of your goals, your website’s functionality, the need to have the site highly ranked in search results and the technologies needed to successfully blend it all. It's like asking, "How much does a car cost?"

This is the reason we offer our initial consult for free - to gain an understanding of what you want and expect and something about the goals you’ve set for your website so that we can develop a reasonable estimate and our Project Planner Opens link in new window to help you define what your expectations and needs.

Companies that quote a figure without knowing your goals and aspirations are offering a "cookie-cutter set of options". The pitfall is that what is predefined may not be what you need or want. However, if predefined is satisfactory, we can provide that lower cost alternative as well.

BLUEwebs has developed a low-cost powerful predefined website, based on a Content Management System (CMS). All you have to do is find the template you want, which we will overlay onto the core CMS. We’ll set up the site on a hosting server, point it to your domain name and provide you with the necessary user names and passwords to begin adding content. Voila, you've got a website.

Our predefined site comes with:

  • Enhanced security
  • Preloaded applications, such as one button back - up, user friendly text editor, newsletter application and more.
  • Fully extensible.
  • Free access to our "Clients Only" Solutions section.
  • And more… Contact us today for more information.
What's the next step?

Answer imageContact BLUEwebs! We offer several convenient ways: 1.) call us at 910-690-1179, 2.) completing the Project Planner  Opens our Project Planner in a new window. (an email with your information is automatically sent to us) or 3.) by using our Contact form. Whichever way you choose, thank you for your interest in BLUEwebs. We look forward to being of service to you.